Supports for raised floorings | Stone realisation

Impertek Srl


Easy use and quick laying create a perfect match of technology ideal for everyone: from the small terrace of a palace to the big commercial project. All the advantages of a dry laying: the possibility to lay on a surface with different heights, lighter final flooring, inspection without demolition of the underlying waterproofing membrane, integration with any type of system, perfect levelness of the final flooring and optimized outflow of waters. A complete range of supports from 22 to 1.020 mm with a continuous millimetric regulation.

It is possible to lay every type of pavement: tiles, prefabricated tiles, natural tiles, marble, granite, wooden tiles, wooden and composite decks. You design the beauty of your external flooring and we support you with the resistance and stability of our products. The balance of our services, the experience of our technicians, our quick deliveries and the support of our documentations are available also on-line. Impertek’s supports for raised floorings: under every great flooring there is a mega support!

Ayudas para los suelos aumentados en una realización del decking