Patara Restaurant - Berners Street, London by Superfutures

Lithos Design

Modernity and tradition melt each other in a design, where Thai culture and its nine auspicious trees are revisited.

The briefing for the Patara Restaurant – Berners Street required the interpretation of Thai culture with a contemporary twist thanks to the use of traditional materials and colours. The focus point of the project became the representation of the nine auspicious trees from Thai culture, made using the same number of panels which clad the walls of the restaurant's main area, where they play the absolute starring role. Eight of the nine panels are made of natural stone, and the stylised representation of the trees has been engraved onto them. The Superfutures practice and the experts from Lithos Design Source liaised to define together the most suitable technical specifications for the requirements of this particular project, in particular the type of material to use. Bianco cotone limestone was selected owing to its aesthetic and technical properties: indeed, owing to its even and delicate characteristics, this stone is perfect for the warm atmosphere requested by the restaurant; it also made it possible to achieve the right thickness to obtain the proper balance between resistance, lightness and visual impact. These studies led to the creation of eight custom-made panels crafted according to the designer's specifications using CNC machines on slabs measuring 2050x1300x30 mm.

Patara Restaurant - Berners Street, London by Superfutures

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